Mrm task that adds semantic-release.

What it does

  • Runs semantic-release on Travis CI
  • Adds an npm version badge to the Readme
  • Adds .releaserc.json file with a custom preset if needed


npm install -g mrm mrm-task-semantic-release
mrm semantic-release


See Mrm docs for more details.

semanticConfig (object, optional)

A semantic-release config object, will be added to package.json as a release key.

semanticArgs (string, optional)

Extra arguments for semantic-release command. For example --analyze-commits semantic-release-tamia/analyzeCommits.

semanticPeerDependencies (array, optional)

Additional dependencies to install.

semanticPreset (default: null)

Name of the semantic-release preset, like eslint.

readmeFile (default:

Name of the Readme file.