Mrm task that adds ESLint.

Supports JavaScript and TypeScript.

What it does

  • Creates .eslintrc.json
  • Adds an npm script to run ESLint before tests
  • Installs dependencies


npm install -g mrm mrm-task-eslint
mrm eslint


See Mrm docs for more details.

eslintPreset (default: eslint:recommended)

ESLint preset name (e.g. airbnb or eslint-config-airbnb).

eslintPeerDependencies (optional)

Additional dependencies to install (e.g. ['prettier', 'eslint-plugin-prettier']).

eslintObsoleteDependencies (optional)

Dependencies that should be removed (e.g. ['eslint-plugin-prettier']).

eslintRules (optional)

Additional rules (e.g. { 'no-undef': 0 }).