Mrm task that adds a Readme file.

What it does

  • Creates a Readme file


npx mrm readme


See Mrm docs for more details.

packageName (default: name field in package.json)

Package name.

name (default: will try to read from your package.json, npm or Git config)

Your name.

url (default: will try to read from your npm or Git config)

Your site URL.

readmeFile (default: "")

Name of the Readme file.

license (default: taken from package.json, if not found "MIT" is used)

License name (like MIT, Unlicense). For full list of supported values see: /templates.

This is only needed if licenseFile is used.

licenseFile (default: "")

Name of the license file. May use ${license} within the string to insert the value of license dynamically into the name (to maintain this general template independently from the license type, while non-redundant with it).

contributingFile (default: "")

Name of the Contributing file.

includeContributing (default: true)

Whether to include the Contributing section.